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Feedback Gives You Power!

There are 3 ways in which Kliic supports achieving excellence:

1/ Individual Self-Development - Kliic is a free resource that supports your self-development journey. All of Kliic's self-assessments and personal trackers are absolutely FREE. If you would like even more feedback, then simply add a few tokens to your account and take advantage of the detailed 180 or extensive 360 assessments.

2/ Leaders that Develop Others - Kliic helps coaches, managers, and clinicians develop the potential of others. You can send and review the results of any 180 assessment (participant plus 1 rater), 360 assessment (the particpant PLUS up to 16 raters) and any tracker to anyone you like.

3/ Organizational Team Development - Here is Kliic's real power! You can build any customized competency based assessment, behavioural skills tracker, and organizational survey. Once built, it is only available for you and your organization to use. You can even brand it with your logo. You're in complete control!

Supporting Individual Excellence - You!

Self-Reflection is the Beginning Toward Self-Power!

Considering who we are, where we are, and how we want our world to be is the beginning of self-power. Throughout history, top performers, great leaders, performance athletes, and successful people have all engaged in some form of reflection.

When you self-reflect, you are enabled to make course corrections, explore new routes and to consider new opportunities. When you don't, then you are stuck and adrift in a constantly changing world hoping to find an island of calm for a short while.

Kliic is a means for you to accelerate your journey and reach your goals. Are you ready? Start today!

There are 4 simple steps to the journey to self-mastery:
  1. Ask: Is about getting feedback. This may involve 1 or more individuals (up to 16) to provide insight about you.
  2. Analyze: Looks at the differences between how we sees ourselves and how others see us. Once analyzed, we might see gaps and focus areas, this gives us the opportunity for real growth.
  3. Acknowledge: Means admitting, accepting and assessing the impact of the gaps identified. If they are real, meaningful, or preventing us from growing, then it's time for a course ajustment.
  4. Act: When we know what needs to change, then we can map out a new direction and take the necessary steps to move forward with confidence.

Self-reflection and feedback are enablers that move us closer to our true potential. Kliic allows you to begin and continue your journey through personal and professional excellence.

Supporting Leadership Excellence - Your Team!

Leading Others Requires People at Their Best!

Kliic is a great tool that helps Managers, HR Professional, Coaches, Mentors, Clinicians, Psychologist, and Therapists to support the development of others. Kliic allows you initiate any standard assessment (invites up to 16 individuals to provide feedback) or tracker on behalf of participant you wish to support. Once all the feedback has been received then you can review the results with the individual and help them begin to plan and execute their development strategy.

Here are some of our standard assessment categories you can choose from:

  • Leadership and Management Assessments
  • Sales Assessments
  • Career Assessments
  • Achievement Assessments
  • Health and Wellness Assessments
  • Interpersonal and Relationship Assessments

Supporting Organizational Excellence - Your Enterprise!

Great Organizations are Built by Great People!

Leaders lead people. They accomplishes things through their people. They need inspired individuals, capable followers, and motivated staff. A true leader acts as a powerful force in the development of their people.

Kliic let's you manage feedback across any organization or across multiple organizations.

The advantage of customized assessments over standardized ones is that the custom assessments are "specific to your organizations, needs, goals and culture". No longer do you have to make your organization fit someone else's definition of what organizational excellence looks like. Based on Your Vision, Your Values and Your Goals you can measure what is meaningful for your organization.

One of Kliic's greatest strengths is that within minutes you can create your own fully customized competency based assessment, behavioural tracker, or survey instrument. Kliic allows you to choose from dozens of competencies, each incorporating very specific behavioural indicators, levels of proficiency, and skills development recommendations.

Kliic is a simple and easy to use support tool enabling your organization to raise the bar of excellence. Killc can help if you are:

  • An Executive Leader
  • The HR Department
  • A Training Department
  • A Training Organization
  • A Government Institution
  • A Professional Services Provider
  • A Recruitment and Placement Organization
  • An Educator

Contact us to find out how to customize the support tools to suit your learning, training and development needs.